‘Dare to dream, strive to achieve’ Stated by N. Chandrababu Naidu!

Telugu Desam Party (TDP) is a regional Indian political party with nationalistic principles and ethos founded in 1982 by Nandamuri Tharaka Rama Rao (NTR). 

NTR, the founder of the TDP, drawing inspiration from the Buddhist doctrine- ‘Sangham Saranam Gacchami’ (I go to the Sangha for Refuge), believed and strongly advocated “సమాజమే దేవాలయం – ప్రజలే దేవుళ్ళు” (The society is the temple – the people are the gods). 

In tune with this philosophy, the Party was built to ensure exponential, inclusive, and sustainable socioeconomic growth of the State of Andhra Pradesh. The Party intends to achieve its mission by involving people at the forefront, accompanied by a range of organizations, professionals, academicians, and experts for collective wisdom and actions. Therefore, the Party acts as a catalyst for the State’s and Country’s sustainable transformation.

Mission and Vision!

Our mission and vision is to create a thriving, constantly evolving society. We are delighted of the public’s trust and support in achieving a significant victory with their valuable vote for TDP.


We are the political home bonded by a love for our country and Andhra Pradesh, unleashing the creative potential innate in our rich diversity to help us become a Winning Nation.


To assist the party's engaged and active members, whom we regard as its lifeblood.

A Leader Across Generations!

Leading across generations involves helping everyone on the team manage the work-life juggle, balance priorities, and fight burnout. Teams that feel overburdened can work together to find a solution so everyone isn't working all the time.


“Genuine opportunity for the nation is the person who can give the needy individuals control” is NTR’s idea. The work siblings who are starving in the sun, drying out in the sun, absorbing the downpour and shedding blood… the ranchers who develop rubies in the dirt yet don’t get sufficient incentive for their yields… All such average citizens shouldn’t just be given the essential requirements of food, fabric and shade… their lives ought to be developed with advancement programs. The philosophy of Telugu Desam is that even poor people ought to be liberated from destitution by giving better and solid living offices… instruction, work and business amazing open doors.

Ever since he was in the film industry, whenever there was any danger to the Telugu people… whenever there was a need for the country… NTR used to gather all the artists and put on art performances, walk around the streets and collect donations and give them to the central and state governments. NTR feels that both art and artist are for the people.

July 6, 1983

Indira Colony, Panyam, Kurnool District, started a rice distribution scheme at Rs. 2 per kg.

May 28, 1983

First Mahanadu of Telugu Desam Party in Vijayawada. NTR organized MGR's presidency meeting 

April 27, 1983

 Foundation stone of Telugu Ganga Project laid at Velugodu

April 19, 1982

Telugu Ganges Agreement between Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu

Another sensational era started with Chandrababu's rule after NTR.

331/3 percent reservation for women in government jobs, education and employment 

Nara Chandrababu Naidu gave the shape of Vision 2020, what we want now before 20 years...

HiTechCT started in 1998 in Hyderabad is an international sensation.


Indeed, even following quite a while of freedom, social security is missing for the little numbers, Harijans, tribals, in reverse classes who are being sabotaged by the well off and station braggarts.

Albeit close to half of the populace can’t get equivalent privileges… for ladies who are suffocating in primitive practices like share and social wrongs and are being squashed by embarrassment for ladies who are enslaving to financial opportunity To give free life to every one of them, To offer monetary help and strengthening for equivalent status in the general public, To give equivalent open doors in the fields of schooling, position and business, To give spot to political portrayal, Hypothesis of Telugu Desam. Also, giving insurance to bardungs and ladies from assaults, murders and assaults, empowering them to live boldly and develop uninhibitedly is a definitive objective of Telugu Desam.


Telugudesam is not a party but a tremendous movement. Telugu Desam is the fury that was born out of the Telugu people’s distress at a time when their self-esteem was being undermined. Telugudesam ideology aims to serve the Telugu people while bringing Telugu land international renown. Telugudesam aims to empower every Telugu individual in every way possible. The Telugu Desam Party considers it to be part of its moral obligation to uphold Telugu culture and customs, increase pride in Telugu soil, and transmit that rich heritage to future generations.

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